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Upgrade to Smart Financial Solutions with Relay Bureau's AI-Powered echnology: Experience unrivaled reliability and cutting-edge artificial intelligence in financial instrument verbiage creation. Relay Bureau harnesses advanced AI algorithms to ensure fast, accurate, and secure SWIFT verbiages tailored to your business needs. Our AI-driven approach minimizes errors, enhances data analysis, and streamlines communication for optimal efficiency. Trust Relay Bureau to revolutionize your financial transactions with precision and innovation.

Core Services

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Back Office AI-Enhanced Management

Relay Bureau revolutionizes back office management with AI-enhanced services, delivering precision and speed in processing all messages type verbiages. Our AI-driven approach ensures high accuracy, compliance, and efficiency, transforming the operational landscape for all types of businesses.

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Verbiage Processing Solutions

Utilize our verbiage processing solutions for efficient and accurate handling of all your verbiage messsge types. We offer a seamless, secure, and intelligent verbiage distribution service, securly to all your transacting parties, including Banks, financial institutions, corporations and private individuals, ensuring the verbiage is officially accepted by all parties.

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Transaction Support Assistance

Get reliable and responsive customer support assistance from our dedicated team. Overseeing the entire lifecycle of your trade finance transactions, from initiation to completion. This includes tracking the status of transactions, managing verbiage confirmations, implementing strict security protocols to protect sensitive verbiage data sharing.  

AI-Enhanced SWIFT Message Management

Our SWIFT service Bureau offers comprehensive AI-enhanced SWIFT message management solutions, including;

  • Leveraging AI for accurate Message Type specific verbiage creation, validation, and formatting, ensuring the latest industry standards and verbiages are implemented automatically, conforming with ICC, ISP98 and URDG guidance.
  • Our AI algorithms streamline the verbiage creation of accurate SWIFT messages, optimizing message formatting and ensuring adherence to SWIFT standards with greater accuracy and reduced human error.
  •  Our AI quickly identifies discrepancies and errors in all message type verbiages, ready for creation and your ultimate use, facilitating faster reconciliation and ensuring accuracy in your trade finance transactions.
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Real-time Verbiage acceptance

This service leverages the power of AI, revolutionising  real-time SWIFT veribage acceptance and confirmation between all contracted parties;

  • Allowing you to securely and efficiently communicate and confirm verbiages with banks, financial institutions and your counterparties' globally. AI algorithms ensure precise, context-aware processing of verbiage exchanges, enhancing clarity and reducing the risk of misinterpretation.
  • With our reliable electronic verbiage document distribution service, powered by AI, the modification and approval process, enabling digital signatures and secure, legally-binding confirmations, not only simplifies the exchange of verbiage information but also ensures a higher level of security and efficiency, allowing for real-time modifications and approvals with full audit trails and compliance adherence.
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About us

"Empowering Trade Finance with AI: Relay Bureau stands at the forefront of AI-enhanced financial services technology globally, specializing in trade finance and supply chain-focused companies. Our expertise in AI technology transforms SWIFT back office integration and management, offering robust risk and compliance verbiage solutions, insightful consulting, and efficient outsourcing options. Our solutions are enriched with the power of AI, ensuring precision, enhanced data analytics, and smarter decision-making in every transaction.

Based in the UAE but operating globally, Relay Bureau leads in trade finance processing and advanced SWIFT verbiage software, including AI-driven all message type creation solutions. We are committed to delivering AI-infused software and services, along with the outsourcing of our innovative technology, to revolutionize the trade finance industry."

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